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Dr. Bert Maier
Senior scientist

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Our chronoimmunology team is interested in circadian rhythms in the immunesystem. Where are these rhythms apparent? Which immune functions are controlled by the circadian clock? How are rhythmic immune functions connected to the circadian system on the molecular level and what is the biological significance of circadian rhythms in the immune system?
We approach these questions using cell culture models as well as mouse models of the innate immune system. One of our projects funded by the DFG addresses the circadian clock in macrophages: what are the mechanisms of immune regulation in these cells and what are the pathophysiological implications? Another project started just recently deals with the circadian clock in the host defense against malaria. This project is funded by the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) and is part of an international and interdisciplinary research effort, elucidating the evolutionary ecology of chronobiology in host-parasite interactions.


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